Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Why Stay in a B&B?

Thinking of holidaying or taking a short break in the UK ? Why not consider staying in a Bed and Breakfast. The modern B&B provides comfortable, value for money, accommodation and much more.

  • Attention to detail.
Most B&B owners are self-employed and live on the premises, it is also their home. Few if any staff are employed by the business so the owners are responsible for all aspects of the business . 
They rely on repeat business and good recommendations/reviews to provide their income. This means that your hosts try much harder to ensure you have the best possible stay. 

  • Value for money.
Large hotels have many facilities and staff that you pay for whether you use them or not. Budget hotels make a big issue of telling you what services they don’t supply and you have to pay extra for.
B&B's provide a cheaper option than staying in a hotel, whilst offering more of the facilities and services to ensure a more comfortable and relaxing stay than the budget hotel. You can expect comfortable rooms with a good selection of beverage making facilities, complementary toiletries, free WiFi and many other little touches that set them apart from the rather sterile environments of the larger businesses.

  • Breakfast
Breakfast is of course the second most important element of the B&;B Owners are proud of their breakfasts and offer a tasty range of freshly prepared options, often including regional specialities. Usually you will have a choice of cereals, fruit, yoghurts, juice followed by a hearty freshly cooked breakfast, toast and preserves. All washed down with copious amounts of tea or coffee. Most will be able to cater for special diets.

  • Local knowledge.
B&B owners are also local residents so apart from the obvious tourist leaflets they will be more than willing to give you advice and information about the area. The best places to eat and drink, which attractions to avoid and which are a must see. Alternative means of transportation and route planning are all services usually available. They will also share all the little local “hidden gems” that only the locals know about.
Indeed the breakfast room can become a great social interaction with guests and owners talking about the activities of yesterday and what they are going to do that day. 

  • More choice
Because most B&B’s are also homes they will all be different reflecting the character and style of the owners. Found in a wide variety of locations, each will have a slightly different range of facilities/prices. Many will have achieved a star rating which calls for an annual independent assessment including regular overnight stays, where levels of service, cleanliness and comfort are assessed and stars awarded accordingly. 

  • Security
B&B’s  are private homes and guests are issued keys to allow them entrance with less chance of unauthorised people entering. The same legislation regarding fire safety and food hygene etc apply the same as in large hotels and because the owners are directly responsible for them, few problems are likely to occur in these areas.

  • Peace and quiet
The friendly, family atmosphere encountered in a B&B means that you won’t get caught up with large groups. part from your room most will have lounges or gardens where you will be able to sit and quietly relax.

  • Support the local economy.
B&B  owners live locally and spend their money locally, using local shops and tradesmen for their supplies and services.  

So when booking a short break or holiday check out the B&B's in the area, there should be one in the locality to meet your needs and your budget.

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